Russian invader, orc, pig-dog, rashist, call it what you want, because this is a creature that deserves one thing - to become fertilizer for the Ukrainian black soil. The war touched everyone. Hatred is torn from within and I want to personally punish everyone.

We present you Orcus - the god of death for the invaders and the postman, who will help deliver the message through the only correct communication channel with the Russians - on an artillery shell.
Who is an ORCUS?
Orcus is the god of death for the occupiers and a clerk who will help you leave a message for Russian soldiers through the only correct communication channel - on an artillery shell. And also a volunteer and an entrepreneur who help and donates a lot of money to support the Ukrainian army!
  1. It is not allowed to write hateful messages against Ukraine or its allies, any community or minority, except for Russians and traitors.
  2. If the text does not comply with our rules and the client does not want to make a different one, we will transfer the funds to help the Armed Forces, but without notification.
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How it Works?
We pass your order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
2. We fulfill the order
Donate $300 or more and write the text you want to see on the artillery shell
1. Donation
We will email you a proof and brief information about the use of this shell
3. Get a photo/video-proof
How many shells were fired, and how much money were raised to help the Ukrainian armed forces
This project was created to help the Ukrainian army
The "DEAD ORK" project enables our donors to leave a message through the only correct channel of communication with Russians - on an artillery shell. The money will go to support programs for the Armed Forces of the International Charitable Foundation "VARTA" - the purchase of drones, equipment, medicines, etc. Since the beginning of the war, the foundation has directed more than $1,400,000 to the needs of the army and war victims.
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